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Welcome! Clean Power Club is excited to launch our Sunnybrook Neighborhood Solar program.  The benefits of solar power extend beyond a smaller utility bill…there’s a positive impact for the whole community.  That’s why we believe friends and neighbors should go through the process together.  Whether you’re motivated by saving money, protecting the environment, strengthening your local economy with clean energy jobs, or, all of the above, the impact will be greater when we act together.

Clean Power Club subscribes to environmental optimism, believing that if we put our values into action, rapid and positive change is possible.  Everyone wants to solve the problems facing our health, our environment, and our economy; changing the way we power our lives is a cornerstone to the solution.  Clean Power Club exists to support everyone ready to act for positive change.  

Thank you for taking the first step in your clean power journey.  You can get started any number of ways.  Feel free to Schedule a Call with one of our Clean Power Consultants, chat with us right now to get your burning questions answered, or get right to the numbers by Requesting a Quote for your home.  

And of course, feel free to call us anytime.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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