Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Solar Work?

Core to making solar work, and helping you save money is a program called Net Metering. This is what makes it possible for you to benefit from solar. As you know solar is only going to produce power when the sun is up. But you use power both day and night. So, during the day, sun blazing, your solar panels will typically produce more energy than you need at the time. You’ll use as much as you need and then the extra power will flow out of your house and back to the utility, literally spinning your utility meter backward. Whenever this is happening the utility is required to credit your account for each kWh you send them. And you build a bank of those credits. Then at night, when your system is not producing, you will use power from the utility and instead of paying for the power you’ll instead pull on that bank of credits you’ve accumulated.

How much does solar energy cost?

The short answer is: less than the cost of power you’re currently buying from the utility. Clean Power Club is one of the lowest priced solar energy providers, with our average system costing less than $20,000. With some excellent financing options available the cost of your monthly solar bill will be significantly less than your utility bill – typically saving you money from day 1.

Will solar save me money?

Yes! From the beginning a solar system will cost you less per month than you were paying to the electric utility. And when increasing utility rates are factored in, your savings can average over $1000 per year.

Is there an upfront cost to solar?

There are excellent financing options available that don’t require any down payment or upfront investment. Once your panels are installed you’ll simply begin paying a monthly bill for solar. The combination of your new solar bill and your reduced utility bill will be less than what you were paying before, saving you money every year on your electricity costs.

What are the other benefits of going solar?

Savings are just one of the benefits to going solar. The addition of solar panels to a home has been shown consistently to increase a home’s resale value. In addition, you’ll be extending the life of your roof by protecting it from UV, and many customers have reported reduced AC bills because the system creates shade for a significant portion of their roof.

Can I see some examples of a home solar system?

Of course. We’re proud of the work our installation partners do. We partner with companies that use all black, American made panels and low-profile hardware that make for great looking systems. Take a look at some systems in our photo gallery.

Are there incentives available to help me go solar?

Yes! The richest incentive available is the Federal Investment Tax Credit. It will currently cover 26% of the cost of your system. Unfortunately, this tax credit was only designed to help early adopters. The Credit will reduce to 22% next year and expire completely in 2 years. There are also a few states, cities and even counties that offer incentives for solar. Your Clean Power Club Energy Consultant will explain all incentives that are available for you.

Shouldn’t I just wait until prices come down more?

The price of solar panels has dropped dramatically over the past decade. In fact, most of the cost of getting a home solar system installed is the cost of the labor involved in engineering, permitting, electricians and high quality installers. If anything, we might see prices start to increase a bit as demand for solar goes up.