Steps to Going Solar

A solar home will save you money, improve the health of our communities, and when the time is right, help you sell your home for a premium. The steps to going solar are easy. Clean Power Club is excited to help you start.


Step 1

Custom Design

A Clean Power Club Energy Consultant will evaluate the suitability of your roof using satellite imagery, review your energy needs, and discuss your preferences for the project. With all of this information they’ll create a customized solar energy proposal best suited to your home. When you’re ready we’ll review the details of the design, your estimated monthly savings and help you choose the best option.
Step 2

Engineering & Permits

Once you’ve decided on the best option we’ll have our installation partner complete a final engineering design to confirm the exact size and layout of your system. Our partner’s team of specialists will handle everything with the utility and local building departments to ensure your system will be properly permitted and approved for connection.
Step 3

Installation & Turn On

With final designs completed and the building permit in hand the installation team can finally get to work building your system. The installation itself typically takes only 1-2 days, with the team only needing brief access to the inside of the house for making the necessary electrical connections. Once your solar panels are installed we’ll inform your utility and wait for their permission to turn it on. Then it’s hands free from there, with the savings showing up on your next utility bill. Your Clean Power Club Energy Consultant and our Project Management team will be with you every step of the way. We’ll keep an eye on the progress of your project and make sure it sails smoothly through the process. Feel free to Request a Custom Proposal or Schedule a Call with one of our Energy Consultants. We’re here to help you determine if solar is right for you.